A Fresh Approach to the Business and Nonprofit Worlds

From Conception to Startup


  •  Partnering with you from conception to startup and beyond. 
  • Working with you to develop and execute a winning strategy and a timeline for the successful launching of your product or service. 
  • Mentoring you through the necessary steps to successfully start your business 
  • Helping you obtain the resources necessary to turn your dream into a reality 
  • Supporting your participation in activities designed to bring your product or service to market as quickly as feasible – Startup Weekend, Catalyst Week, and any Accelerator Program into which you are accepted.

Peter E. Rinn, J.D. (retired)


I am a social entrepreneur and a retired attorney with over 40 years’ experience in successfully starting-up, rejuvenating and leading programs/organizations in the business, nonprofit and public sectors. I “throw away the box” when creating innovative solutions to intractable problems and turning tough challenges into exciting opportunities. 

Strategic Analysis and Direction


  • Offering a fresh throw away the box approach to analyzing ideas, challenges and opportunities
  • Designing a strategic roadmap for success
  • Establishing accountability for strategic direction execution

Our Services


The Jumpstart Hour

Just give us an hour and let us Wow you. Contact us now to schedule your no cost Jumpstart Consultation Hour. We promise that we won’t waste your time. You talk; we listen and ask questions. Then, within 24-48 hours, we deliver our Jumpstart Report to you setting forth our thoughts about your idea, challenge or opportunity and next step recommendations. After receiving the report, you may want to work with us ... or not. Either way, the report is yours.


  • Idea to startup consultation and support
  • Business challenges and opportunities consultation and support


  • Idea to startup consultation and support 
  • Strategic Direction Workshop
  • Board Development Workshop
  • Sample bylaws and conflict of interest policy and a variety of other operational policies
  • Coaching for Executive Directors and Board Presidents